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Quality of Life, Balance, and Wellbeing

About the Practitioner

Terry Staas

Licensed by the State of Missouri #2009026289

MTTI-Wellspring Training Institute

The philosophy of Terry Staas Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworks is to be highly self motivated in making a honest difference in the lives of individuals through a professionally supported, one on one relationship with the clientele, which promotes understanding of their balance and well being from a confident, competent, and caring therapist. Providing relaxation, bodywork, and many other techniques for clients. Priced reasonably for any financial situation as well as offering services in a clean environment within the community. Services are provided for men and women of all ages.


I'm a mother of two son's and three grandchildren, who I enjoy spending time with. My husband and I recently moved to Republic Missouri to be closer to family and to begin new business endeavors. I enjoy going to the lake and camping with family and friends.




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